Cannazoo CBD oil for Dogs and Pets

$40 USD

Our special formulated CBD oil for dogs and pets is effective for pain, injuries, anxiety, seizures, cardiac benefits, anti-nausea, anti-inflammatory, appetite stimulation.

Capacity: 30 ml.


Ingredients: 3000 mg of pure cannabis extract full spectrum, natural coconut oil, fish oil, filtered with activated carbon.

Recommended dose: Small pets 1-2 drops per day. Large pets 1-3 drops every 12 hours. Extreme cases 4 drops every 12 hours.

Administration: Oral, Sublingual

Warnings: Administer with food.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: May cause drowsiness. Overdose may cause drowsiness and/or anxiety. In this event, do not panic, lie down, drink water, stay calm. Adverse symptoms will pass and not cause any harm.